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Air Focus
Model no.: O2201

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IAQ Sensor (型號:Air Focus) 是一款高度集成的室內空氣質素傳感器監測儀,能實時反映室內空氣污染指數,


According to a study conducted by Harvard University,

indoor air pollution levels can be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels.

The IAQ Sensor (model: Air Focus) is a highly integrated indoor air quality monitoring device that can provide real-time measurements of indoor air pollution indices. It includes harmful substances such as inhalable suspended particles, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and ozone, allowing for round-the-clock monitoring of indoor air quality and enhancing defense against these pollutants.


Product Information


Air Focus 的優點:






Advantages of Air Focus:

.24/7/365 real-time monitoring

.Up to 99% data accuracy

.Support with smart IoT system, applicable to web and mobile

.Compatible with the IAQ Certificate Scheme implemented by the EPD

.In response to tailor made add-on parameters for IWBI: WELL Standard

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